MGM Grand Sportsbook

You really can’t visit Vegas without making at least one stop at the MGM Grand. Okay, you could, but you shouldn’t. The MGM is one of the leading properties on The Strip, offering everything from live entertainment and great dining, to table games, comfortable rooms, and yes, an excellent sportsbook. Visitors to Vegas who want to get good odds on all of the sports action from coast to coast would be wise to check out the MGM Grand Sportsbook for their wagering needs.

MGM Grand sportsbook

Everything You Need

As you would expect from one of the premier properties on The Strip, the MGM Grand Sportsbook has everything you would need to have a quality sports betting experience. While the book might be a bit small compared to some of the other options in town – and compared to the size of this hotel and casino in general – it is still a well-equipped operation that allows you to have a great time watching the sports of your choice. Drink tickets are offered up for those who are wagering, there are snacks nearby, and there are more than 100 seats to pick from. With more than 50 TV’s on display, it should be easy to find one that is showing the game that has your interest.

Location, Location, Location

This sportsbook has location on its side in a couple of ways. First, it is in a great location within the casino itself. You will easily be able to reach the book from other parts of the casino floor, meaning you don’t have to take a big chunk of time out of your day to walk to and from the sports wagering area. This is nice for those who aren’t necessarily going to watch games all day, but would still like to place a bet between playing table games and slot machines. Once you know where the book is located, you should be able to get back to it time and time again with no issue.

The other location advantage enjoyed by this sportsbook has to do with the spot that the MGM Grand occupies on The Strip. As one of the biggest properties in Las Vegas, a good chuck of strip real estate is taken up by the MGM. Across the street is the New York New York, the Tropicana is just to the south, and the Planet Hollywood is only a short walk north. If you would like to experience a few of the big Vegas hotel casino properties while you are in town, the MGM Grand makes for a great starting point.

A Couple of Unique Advantages

One of the great things about this sportsbook that allows it to stand out from the competition in Vegas is the fact that it is non-smoking. This is a rarity in Vegas, and it is something that will be greatly appreciated by those who don’t smoke. The smoky smell of some casinos around town is among the top complaints regarding a visit to Sin City, so the ability to enjoy a day of sports wagering and watching without sitting next to a smoker is a huge plus for this book.

Another unique element in this book is the use of Skyboxes. These boxes provide a second-level element to the sportsbook, something that is rarely (if ever) seen in a sportsbook. When sitting in a Skybox, you will have a great perspective over the action without the same level of chaos that can sometimes take over the casino floor itself. For the sports bettor who would like to be able to focus in on the action without too many distractions, finding a seat in a Skybox at the MGM Grand Sportsbook is a great idea.

MGM Grand skybox seats

Live Action

When betting at the MGM, you don’t necessarily have to settle for watching the action on TV – you may be able to watch it in person. Many of the live sporting events that take place in Vegas are held at the MGM Garden Arena, which is on-site at the MGM Grand. Want to watch a big fight or another sporting event in person while visiting Vegas? The MGM Grand is likely to be your best bet. Check ahead for a schedule of events that will be taking place during your visit and get tickets early as many events sell out quickly.

The MGM Grand has a reputation for being one of the best properties in Vegas, and that reputation certainly extends into the sports betting area as well. The staff working the betting windows tends to be friendly and helpful, and there are more than enough screens to provide you with a good look at the game. There are countless reasons why you should include the MGM Grand in your Vegas itinerary, and the Race and Sports book is definitely on that list.

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