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In Vegas, most of the action takes place on The Strip. Then again, you already knew that. However, did you know there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had away from The Strip as well? One such example is the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Located just slightly to the east of The Strip itself, you will still feel like you are getting the complete Vegas experience when you visit the Westgate. And for those who love sports wagering, it doesn’t get any better – the Westgate has the single largest sportsbook in the world.

WestGate Sportsbook in Las Vegas

You Just Can’t Miss It

The last sentence of that previous paragraph should be all you need to know in order to carve some time out of your Vegas itinerary for a trip to the Westgate. In a city where each casino is constantly trying to outdo the rest, no one has managed to construct a larger sportsbook than the one that you will find here. While bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, size does matter when comparing race and sports books. With plenty of space to spread out, you should be able to find a sport for yourself even during some of the biggest events of the year.

Just how big is big? Well, for starters, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has more than 30,000 square feet of room to use. Within that space, you will find more than 350 seats, a huge 15’ x 20’ screen, and an array of smaller screens. All told, there are more than 60 monitors for viewing the action, so you should have a good look at whatever game you decided to wager. One of the main things that draws people to Vegas is the commitment of the city to having the biggest and best of everything, and that is exactly what is found at the Westgate SuperBook.

Recently Improved

As if simply being the largest sportsbook in town wasn’t enough, the Westgate also recently finished improvements to the facility which have made it better than ever. The quality of the screens has been improved, and most find the chairs to be plenty comfortable for a long day of watching sports. Although this large book has been a staple in Vegas for many years, it feels modern and relevant thanks to all of the improvements that have been made. Any high-tech features that you could be looking for in a sportsbook – including the ability to wager from your seat – can be found at Westgate.

The Superbook at the Westgate Casin

Special Events

Don’t think that you will be limited to basic point spread wagers when you spend the day (or a week) at the Westgate book. This is one of the best sportsbooks in town for offering unique wagering options, such as parlay cards for football Sundays, as well as horse handicapping tournaments. If you are an experienced sports bettor and you get tired of the traditional wagering options, the SuperBook has enough variety to keep you interested long into the future.

Not Far Away

While this hotel and casino is technically an ‘off The Strip’ property, it is not off by much. If you are staying on The Strip and want to visit this book, for example, you will only be in for a very short cab ride (or even a walk, depending on where you are staying). The Westgate is only one block from The Strip, and it is a short distance from properties such as the Wynn Las Vegas, The Palazzo, The Venetian, and more. It would be a mistake to take this book off of your list of places to visit while in Vegas simply because it is off The Strip – it is only a short distance away, and that distance will be more than worth it when you get to experience the biggest book anywhere in the world.

Westgate sportsbook video poker bar

Nice video poker bar in the Westgate sportsbook area.

If you visit Vegas in part to see the best sportsbooks in the business, there is no way you can consider your trip complete until you stop by the Westgate SuperBook. While some casinos put in a sportsbook as something of an afterthought, it is clear the Westgate takes their role as a sportsbook leader very seriously. It will only take one trip to the Westgate to see what all the buzz is about – once you experience this book for yourself, you might decide that it is the one you will want to return to time and time again.

Sportsbook in the Westgate casino

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